Durability of Plastidip on Wheels

Using Plastidip to dip rims is a very popular way to customize the look of your vehicle without making any permanent changes. Many of our Toronto area customers are interested in Plastidipping their rims, but are held back by fear of the durability of the Plastidip finish. It’s a common misconception that just because Plastidip is peel-able, it must not be durable and won’t stay on the rims. This is just plain false. How can we prove this?

These Dodge Ram rims survived the Toronto weather:

Dodge Ram Rim Plastidipped in Toronto

Before Plastidip

Dodge Ram Rim Plastidipped Matte Black in Toronto

After Plastidip








These rims are strictly used for winter on a Dodge Ram truck in the harsh Toronto area weather. They are originally chrome and have been dipped matte black for a more aggressive look. They have been used for winter driving ever since they were dipped without any issues.

Factors affecting quality and durability:

  • Method of application (ex. we use a spray gun)
  • Was the wheel washed and dried properly with a microfiber cloth before application?
  • Are there enough layers/coats (ex. we do one thin coat and then 8+ thick coats)
  • Are the edges of the wheel fully covered?
  • Is the Plastidip sprayed evenly?
  • Was the room temperature above 10 degrees Celsius when spraying the wheels?

The majority of these factors have already been covered here, and they are factors that affect all Plastidip installations/applications, not just wheels and not just in the winter. These factors are however especially important for wheels because wheels rotate are high speeds and they also take the most abuse in bad weather, including the most contact with road salt.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me by email at david (at) getdipped (dot) ca.

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