Frequently Asked Questions

We get many folks interested emailing us asking us questions regarding our installations, and Plastidip in general. We’ve compiled a list of often asked questions below in hopes of helping our visitors better grasp the idea of peel-able auto paint.

Of course, if you still have unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to email us for clarification!

General Questions

  1. Is Plastidip safe for your car? – Explains the long and short term effects on your vehicle.
  2. Is Plastidip illegal in Ontario? – Our experiences.
  3. Does Plastidip have limitations? – Explains what Plastidip is and what Plastidip isn’t.
  4. Is Plastidip expensive? – This really depends on how far you want to take your custom Plastidip finish. Do you want it to be a flat color, satin finish, or do you want to go all out with pearls? The best way to find out is to simply request a quote here!


  1. What does Plastidip feel like? – Uses images and comparisons as demonstrations.
  2. Does Plastidip look like paint? – The short answer is no, but check out our article to find out more.
  3. Is Plastidip textured? – The short answer is yes, but our article outlines the differences between finishes.
  4. How can I make my Plastidip finish look like paint? – We outline the Plastidip gloss basics.
  5. What are pearls? – Pearls are powdered additives for Plastidip finishes that are applied in the final coats of application. They are shiny, color-shifting and/or paint-like depth to Plastidip finishes. They should only be mixed with clear dip.
  6. What are juices? – Juices are similar to pearls except for their consistency. They mix better and produce a different look than pearls because they are liquids.
  7. What is topcoat? – DYC Topcoat is a product that was released after Plastidip took off for automotive customization. Topcoat is what allows Plastidip finishes to have that deep gloss and depth you’d expect from paint.
  8. Glossifier vs. Topcoat – Topcoat produces a paint-like finish (if applied properly), whereas Glossifier adds some shine to the finish, but gives no depth.
  9. Plastidip vs. Vinyl Wrap – Vinyl wrap is a film that is applied or stuck onto your paint. It looks more like paint and is more durable, however is much more expensive to install due to the labor time required.

Longevity of Plastidip

  1. Will Plastidip last through winter? How does Plastidip handle Canadian weather?
  2. How durable is Plastidip on rims? – We discuss this in our article here.
  3. Will salt or sand damage my Plastidip finish? – Short answer – no. Long answer – if salt is left on your Plastidip finish for a long time, it might alter the colour of the finish. This is easily fixed by rinsing your car once in a while!


  1. How is Plastidip Installed? – Check out the process section here!
  2. How long does it take to install Plastidip?
  3. Will any permanent changes be made to my vehicle during installation? – No, some installer take pieces of the vehicle off, but we generally do not. The only thing we would remove from the vehicle is wheels. This is to avoid getting any Plastidip on the brake components.

Caring for a Plastidip Finish

  1. How to wash your Plastidip finish – Wash your car like you normally would, except avoid soap with wax added in. The best soap from experience is dish soap, it’s really efficient for removing dirt particles, especially off of white finishes.
  2. What is the best soap and other materials to use when maintaining my finish? – Dish soap, although most automotive soaps will be fine. Avoiding soaps with wax mixed in is a good idea, since it will alter the look of the Plastidip.
  3. Can I drive my dipped car through a car wash? Can I use a pressure washer? – Yes and yes, just don’t focus the pressure washer on one spot for too long. The same principles apply as for a car that isn’t dipped.
  4. Can I wax my Plastidip finish? – No, because it wont look great, and it might ruin the finish.
  5. Will the sun fade my finish? – Most Plastidip colours are resistant to fade, however the fluorescent series is known to fade in the sun.

Plastidip Removal

  1. Is it difficult to remove Plastidip? – From large, straight panels, no. It gets tough between panels and doors, but it still is quite easy!
  2. Will Plastidip peel my paint? Will it peel my clearcoat? -No and no. Plastidip is safe for your vehicle, and even could be considered a protectant for your paint!

Whew, that was a long list! If we still haven’t posted an answer for you, don’t hesitate to ask us!