Is Plastidip Safe for Your Car? Our Findings

This is our #1 asked question, will Plastidip harm my car? Is Plastidip safe for my new paint job? Is it safe for my winter vehicle’s paint job? From experience, no. But this answer may depend on the specific car, paint job and quality of the finish.

Our Findings

We have dipped many cars since first installing Plastidip on a vehicle, and not a single clear coat or paint job has been harmed in that time. When Plastidip is installed, it does not interfere with your vehicle’s paint, it simply covers it. The biggest worry of owners wanting to peel their dipped car is the actual process of peeling. Although when peeling Plastidip is seems to be very well stuck to the vehicle, on cars with average quality paint and no flaking paint, the Plastidip will not cause the destruction of clear coats or paint.

Atlantic Blue Plastidip Ferrari 458 Italia

A gorgeous blue finish on a Ferrari 458 Italia done by

This may not be true for customers wanting to dip their winter vehicles to improve the aesthetics of their vehicles because an older car that has poor quality paint and a flaking clear coat may be harmed when peeling the Plastidip finish off. Flaking paint is not a good surface for Plastidip to be sprayed on, because the weak nature of the paint finish will make it easy for Plastidip to peel up with clear coat and paint stuck to it.

The Solution

Our solution to this issue (which is also recommended by, is to dip a small part of your vehicle to test the effect of Plastidip on your car. This way, only a small amount of Plastidip needs to be purchased, and it offers you the piece of mind that if something does go wrong, the vehicle is harmed in a small and non-visible area that can be easily fixed.

Disclaimer: Our customers trust us for the best advice regarding Plastidip on their vehicles, however we do not take any responsibility for any damages caused by following any instructions/advice here.