The Limitations of Plastidip

What is Plastidip?

Plastidip is a “peelable auto paint” that is applied to your vehicle’s exterior paint finish. Thin coats are used when spraying to ensure a smooth finish, however multiple coats are sprayed to ensure easy peeling in the future. No sanding is required before Plastidip installation, only a clean clear coat surface that the material can easily adhere to.

Bora Bora Blue Porsche 911 Turbo S

A gorgeous Bora Bora Blue Porsche 911 Turbo S by!

What Plastidip Is

  • A way to customize the look of a vehicle.
  • A way to protect a vehicle form the elements.
  • A way to improve the appearance of a car with a bad paint job.
  • A way to cover faded paint.
  • A way to temporarily and easily change colours of certain parts of a vehicle.
  • A way to black out chrome.

What Plastidip Isn’t

  • A way to fill in cracks.
  • A way to cover rust.
  • A replacement for primer.
  • A permanent coating.

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