How To Make Plastidip Look Like Paint

Although many images would suggest that Plastidip can be made to look like automotive paint, that’s not completely accurate. While Plastidip can be used with Pearls and the DYC Topcoat and the end product will turn out glossy, it will not be like paint. If you are looking to dip your car but want a finish that can be mistaken for paint, Plastidip is most likely not the answer. advertises their DYC Topcoat product to be able to create a paint-like look and although it does come close, from our personal experiences it is still noticeably different (especially from close examination).


Firestorm Red Plastidip Porsche 911 Turbo S

Firestorm Red Plastidip Porsche 911 Turbo S

DYC Topcoat is the easiest way to add shine to your dip finish. Although Glossifier won’t get you close to having a paint-like finish, Topcoat will. Check out our post featuring a handful of vehicles that do not look dipped here. It’s crucial to remember that these images could have been altered to enhance the shine effect.

Topcoat offers the ability to utilize DYC Pearls and Juices to further customize the look of your vehicle. However even though it’s close to paint, it will always look like Plastidip when examined closer.

It may look similar to paint, however it definitely doesn’t feel like paint. Topcoat offers a smoother finish in comparison to traditional Plastidip, however it still feels like a rubberized coating. We discuss the different texture qualities of Plastidip here.

Dip Coat Protective Spray

Other than utilizing Topcoat, there is not other way to enhance the gloss and paint-like properties of your finish during installation. After spraying and allowing the finish time to dry and settle, Dip Coat Protective Spray is said to have glossifier properties in it. Using this chemical offered by allows to continuously protect and add shine to your finish.