Is Plastidip Legal in Ontario?

We are not accountable for any laws that are broken by our customers and our readers, the below information is for the use of the reader at their own discretion.

On a weekly basis we have a customer contact us asking whether dipping his/her vehicle is considered illegal because of the colour change. Since we’re based in the Toronto and Mississauga region, its best that we only answer this question for Ontario cars.

Full Colour Change

The worry is that if someone is pulled over in a dipped vehicle, will the Police officer find it suspicious or illegal for the registered colour of the vehicle to be different than the actual colour.  This of course has the potential to be different amongst different police officers.


Check out this full colour change we did on a Matrix!

Our answer to customers is that this should not be a major concern. In the case that you are pulled over and the officer begins to questions the colour of your vehicle, politely show the officer the colour of your vehicle’s door jams. Most of the time door jams are left the original colour of the vehicle, and can be used to show the officer that the car is still the registered colour underneath the Plastidip.

Plastidipped Rims

Having Plastidipped rims is no different than having your rims painted or powder coated, it is legal.

Smoked Lights

bmw-4 (1)

This is illegal. Although many drivers still have taillights and even headlights tinted for a darker effect, it is illegal. You can receive tickets for this so we do not recommend smoking or tinting lights.


We are not experts, we are not citing official sources and we will not be responsible for any run-ins with the law a reader may have. Plastidip is a relatively new and unknown thing, laws regarding its use are still widely unknown and unconfirmed, please use our above information and experiences at your own risk.