What Does Plastidip Feel Like?

One of the toughest things to do when new to Plastidip is understanding the texture and feel of it. Short of finding a dipped car in person, the best way to gauge feel of the material is trough explanation and close up photos.

All Plastidip installations are textured, however the degree of texture greatly depends on installation quality/technique as well as the age of the installation. Plastidip applied slowly in thin coats with proper dry time will be much smoother than other installations. A finish that has sat in the sun for more than a month will be noticeably smoother than a new installation. What this means is that every installation is different.

Matte Plastidip

Matte Plastidip offers the most textured look & feel. This image shows the “dimpled” texture that most finishes end up having. The finish in the image is an average amount of texture, if the layers had been sprayed more evenly in thinner coats, the texture would be even less noticeable.


Glossifier + Plastidip

Plastidip with glossifier added on top offers a less textured look than that off matte Plastidip. It still however has a rubbery and dimpled feel that can never be covered to make it feel like paint. As you can see, glossifier does not add the same amount of gloss as Topcoat.


Topcoat + Plastidip

Topcoat with Plastidip offers the smoothest finish. Topcoat offers a finish that is the closest to paint. The image below shows Topcoat mixed with pearls that shine and offer a paint like depth. Topcoat however still feels like rubber, just not as much as the finishes shown above.



Plastidip is Plastidip at the end of the day, not paint. If you’re looking for a finish identical to paint, vinyl wrapping is the way to go. Check out our article on what Plastidip is and what it isn’t for a better understanding of this material!

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